3K&L focuses on helping organisations build appropriate corporate structures for sustainable growth.  The benefits of the services are as follows:

  1. For shareholders/ managers of the business
  • A strong corporate structure reduces the demands on the owner/manager for the day to day running of the organisation and allows him to focus on being an entrepreneur to look for new avenues to invest in and grow.
  • HR structures and a Code of Ethics that guides the actions of all employees means that the owner/manager gets consistent output from staff whether or not they are around to manage and direct them.
  • Accessibility to relevant, timely and accurate information, from both internal and external sources, that allows the owner to make decisions based on complete information.
  • Ability of the company to attract cheap investment funds as the entity can demonstrate a clear path for growth and structures that support independent monitoring of the progress against those plans.
  • Ability to attract the best talent to sit on the Board or provide advisory services as there is a feedback mechanism for the Board to know if actions are being taken.
  • Identification and mitigation of risk factors that could impede or inhibit the achievement of their objectives through an in depth Risk assessment and implementation of action plans.
  • Improved business processes with strong accounting and documentation controls in place, which reduces the opportunity for fraud.
  • Best in class financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and the Zambian Companies Act.
  • Get more from investment in IT software and hardware.
  • Overall, improved profitability of the company in the long run and secure retirement returns due to better and more predictable succession planning.
  1. For regulators and other stakeholders (lenders, creditors, customers, employees)
  • Better controls and ethical business practices reduces the opportunity for corruption and/ or fraud.
  • More concise, relevant, accurate and timely information about the operations of the organisation, its financial performance and balance sheet.
  • Predictability in the performance of the organisation as stakeholders have better information on which to make decisions.
  • Lower cost of capital and cheaper investments for the company means more funds left behind to invest in new projects, remunerate employees, reduce creditor days, and potential increase credit periods for customers.
  • Good succession planning means lower risk for bankers and other lenders or investors.
  • Appropriate Human Resource policies and a Code of Ethics means regulators and third parties can better rely on the information available from the company.
  • Better comparability of information for stakeholders as financial statements are compiled based on generally accepted accounting principles.
  1. For the wider community
  • More job creation as businesses grow and expand to meet market demand for products and services.
  • Better work ethics and ethical business practices that benefit the wider community.
  • More transparent recruitment policies increasing the opportunities for all members of the community and reducing the opportunity for corruption.