3K&L provides a wide array of financial planning and business proposal services. We work closely with entrepreneurs and directors to bring our extensive experience to bear. We are able to articulate, develop, implement and review financial plans, business plans, budgeting and reviewing models.

Some of the services already delivered include:

  • Assisting clients in negotiation through review of cash flow demands on a project and explaining the impact of delays in funding or investment.
  • Ensuring that participating parties contribute their fair share to the projects, including taking into account intangible contributions by all parties.
  • Preparation of financial models that can be used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. We are confident in our experience and how we use it to interpret Key Performance Indicators, key ratios and and other variables. This also includes running sensitivity analysis to show the impact of changes (positive and negative) that could happen in the market.

Combining this service with our Risk management and Corporate Structures, we can assist companies develop a finance model that reflects their aspirations. This is further strengthened by reviewing the structures of the organisation to ensure they are aligned to the financial strategy and reporting lines.

We also work closely with individuals in the organisation to build capacity for future management of the financial process and plan. This can be through one-on-one coaching and training, or through development of operating manuals.  We have managed to restructure organisations to ensure they become more resilient in times of financial challenges.


The key tenet of our financial advisory services is to enhance value and long-term sustainability of our clients business. Our offerings comprise:

Fund Raising

We raise external capital for business that are in need of funding to finance expansion and growth ambitions. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and leverage on our extensive network of contacts across a range of Banks and other sources of capital, to determine the most optimal financial solution possible. Our financial advisory services span the entire process of identifying the most suitable source of funding to negotiating the best possible terms.


In the current economic climate, there are certain customers who may need to change the structure and terms and conditions of their existing debt. This may have been prompted by strategic business consideration or a need to alleviate financial challenges that could lead to distress and trigger a default of their bank debt facilities. We provide impartial advice and work with customers to determine the most appropriate solution that suit their individual requirements.

Internal Business Reviews (IBR)

At the request of Lenders (Individual Banks, Syndicates) or Creditors our Team has the capabilities to carry out an IBR in a manner that ascertains the situation that a company (which often is experiencing difficulties) is in and its future prospects. Our IBR reports provide unbiased yet insightful analysis about the company’s financial situation and delivers realistic, clear and specific recommendations on the best course of action. Based on this the lender can initiate in collaboration with the Borrower the most optimal options available that may include, refinancing, restructuring, recovery strategies or even insolvency.  At all times, clear Terms of Reference (TOR’s) are agreed with the client prior to the commencement of the assignment. We are also available at request to assist with the implementation of the plan of actions chosen by our client.

Strategic Reviews

We assist customers to determine the best strategic considerations necessary to spur growth and continued relevance in their business. We listen to our clients and work with them to identify clear paths among a host of alternatives business scenarios like, new market entry, volatile market dynamics or realignment of existing business.  Our review spans all aspects of the business operations.